- The Organizing Committee takes the expense of stay for all contesters during the Competiton (boarding and lodging, domestic transportation and simple medical service).

  Those who have been dropped out from the Competition may stay at their expense from the next day of their drop-out or leave for home.

- The contesters take the expense of international return travel.

- The Organizing Committee provides the following at its own expense during the Competition.

  ㅇ Places for competition and rehearsal

  ㅇ Pianist, if requested by any participant

  ㅇ Rehearsal and staging to the accompaniment of National Symphony Orchestra of DPR Korea for those selected for the 3rd round

  ㅇ Dress rehearsal time on the stage (at the place of Competition)


※ Contesters are kindly requested to observe the designated time for rehearsal.


- Where any applicant who has been decided to be eligible for the Competition requests the Organizing Committee to allow him/her to travel to Pyongyang at his/her own expense before the beginning of the Competition to learn Korean songs, the Organizing Committee provides him/her with highly qualified vocal music teachers and singers for them to teach Korean songs free of charge.