1) Composition of Jury

The Jury is composed of 7 authoritative vocal musicians from DPR Korea and other countries of the world.

- President of the Jury is a vice-minister of culture of DPR Korea.

- 2 member of the Jury are a foreign vocal musician with high reputation in the world and a Korean vocal musician with honorary or academic titles or degrees of DPR Korea.

- The other 4 members include vocal musicians and experts in music from foreign countries.

2) Mandate of Jury

- The Jury determines the ranking of the singers through judgement under the monitoring of the Organizing Committee.

   The final ranking is determined by adding the results of all 3 rounds.

- President of the Jury takes the responsibility for the overall work of the jury, and for fair judgement.

He/She has the right to decide on the marking method and its criteria, and to vote for judgement.

He/She has the right to appoint 2 secretaries for collecting and calculating marks from the members.

- Vice-Presidents of the Jury have the right to vote for judgement, and to make interventions on any matter that may arise during the judgement.

- The members of the Jury have the right to vote for judgement in all 3 rounds.