I'm glad to see Korea still standing against western imperialism

Timothe - France - Student

2018-11-08,   조회수: 275

From France I can barely see all suffering in the world due to western imperialism, from the post-colonialism of my own country to the really dangerous imperialism attitude of the US, I can't fell all the suffering endured by these oppressed people, from Africa, Asia and Middle East.
But I can see this suffering, as well as those who cause it, and as a human being I can only feel sad to see it.
There is a lot of propaganda in my country, trying to convince me that Korea is a destructive country, seeking only war and its profit.
But just by seeing the facts, we quickly see that Korea is only defending itself, the great leader wants peace and harmony all over the world, and that the real destructive countries are those of the western atmosphere.
I would just like to say thank you, for always standing up against adversity, and giving us hope, that one day we will all be liberated from this bourgeois and imperialist scum, who is the Western atmosphere.
Thank You Kim Jong Un, and thanks to all Koreans who are doing their best for a better world.

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