S. Korean Regime Urged to Stop Sordid Operation to Evade Repatriation
of DPRK Women

A spokesman for the DPRK Emergency Measure Committee for Rescuing Abducted Persons issued a statement on August 10 over the fact that the south Korean authorities are resorting to sordid and mean operation to evade the repatriation of detained DPRK women citizens.

By forcing into marriage the 12 DPRK girls whom they took to south Korea after abducting them in group overseas in April last year, the south Korean authorities are trying to give an impression that they have "settled in south Korea to lead a stable life" at their "own will". This is aimed at rejecting the demand of the DPRK for their repatriation, the statement said, and went on:

This is a hideous crime that can never be overlooked and another intolerable political provocation to the DPRK.

The behaviour of the present south Korean policy-makers reminds one of the cursed act of depravity the Park Geun Hye group of traitors committed by abducting the DPRK citizens in broad daylight.

The south Korean authorities should not miscalculate that they can cover up the truth behind the forced abduction of DPRK women and hush up the repatriation issue.

Their far-fetched assertions aimed at evading the repatriation will only lead to mounting fury of the DPRK and stronger demand for repatriation at home and abroad, and they will be blamed for all the ensuing consequences.

Taking ourselves of this opportunity, we would like to clarify that there can never be any humanitarian cooperation, including the reunion of families and relatives separated into the north and the south without the unconditional repatriation of those 12 DPRK women as well as Kim Ryon Hui.

The south Korean authorities should send back those women to the DPRK where their families are waiting as quickly as possibly, far from resorting to the foolish act of raising an axe to drop it on one's own feet, if they wish for the solution of humanitarian issues between the north and the south.


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