Song sung by south Korean fishermen


One day in late July 1964, a typhoon swept the whole western coast of south Korea. Many fishermen in the area centring around Kanghwa Island died in ship wrecks. Those who had narrowly escaped from death drifted to the territorial waters of the northern half of Korea.

When President Kim Il Sung received the sad news, he ordered the Navy of the Korean People's Army to dispatch its ships to save the fishermen. Thus, over 220 fishermen and more than 30 fishing boats were rescued. Most of the survivors were poor fishermen from the area of Kyonggi Province who were eking out a living with offshore fishery. After learning in detail about their status, treatment results and living conditions, the President instructed officials concerned to provide them with plenty of rice when they returned to the south, and let them meet during their stay in the northern half of Korea their parents, wives and children living there. After a while he repeatedly and earnestly instructed the officials to take compatriotic care of the fishermen and repair their wrecked ships well, and drew up the schedule for their visits and field trips before saying that a good farewell party should be given to them.

Besides, the President saw to it that medical workers correctly diagnosed the diseases of the survivors from the typhoon, who had been suffering hardships of life, and cured them completely, and that they were given birthday tables including 60th birthday tables. They shed tears of gratitude for such warm care, and spent dreamy days.

At last the day came when they were to leave for the south. Their fishing boats, which left a port amidst a send-off by many people, made a circle on the sea, and sailed back towards the port. And they repeated the movement time and again. Finally, singing of the immorta1 revolutionary paean Song of General Kim Il Sung reverberated from the boats.

The melody of the song echoing to the port fully reflected what they wanted to say.



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