Yonbaek Peasant Dance


Peasant dance has the longest history among the Korean nation's folk dances.

Typical of the peasant dances is the Yonbaek peasant dance which was listed as one of the national intangible heritages.

This peasant dance, a traditional artistic form combined with music, dance and play, features the agricultural working life and customs in Yonbaek area of South Hwanghae Province ranging from sowing to harvesting. The dance in the area, one of the country's main granaries, was at a higher level than other areas' peasant dances.

National percussion and wind instruments like gong, hourglass drum and bamboo flute are indispensable means for peasant dance.

What is most conspicuous in the Yonbaek peasant dance is a dance turning round decorative tassels.

Peasant dances have been developed through such occasions as folklore holidays and national contests.

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