Increased Cement Production in Sunchon Cement Complex


The Sunchon Cement Complex is increasing production.

After mapping out a step-wise plan for producing cement necessary for the construction of 10 000 flats in Pyongyang City, the complex arouses enthusiasm of its workers through brisk agit-prop, while meticulously organising the economic work.

By ensuring timely supply of raw materials and putting efforts into dovetailing all production processes and intensifying the cooperation between shifts, the complex guarantees the continuity of production.

The complex also produces fire bricks, equipment and accessories necessary for production at its self-supporting bases. It pushes ahead with technical innovation for increasing the proportion of home-made equipment, boosting production with locally available materials and promoting recycling.

Its workers and technicians introduced valuable inventions into production by sharing their creativity and wisdom, thus prolonging the operation of kilns and enhancing productivity.

The Sunchon Limestone Mine increased the production by 1.1 times by securing a huge amount of limestone through a series of blasting, thus helping the complex over-fulfil its production.

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