Fork to Mangyongdae Telling Ardent Patriotism of Peerlessly Great Man



Fork to Mangyongdae in Kwangbok Street of Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK, is a historic place telling about ardent patriotism of President Kim Il Sung.

On October 9, Juche 34 (1945), the President arrived at the fork to Mangyongdae on his way to the then Kangson Steel Plant, from where his native home is within a hailing distance.

With high ambition to liberate Korea usurped by the Japanese imperialists, he left his birthplace at the age of thirteen in January 1925 and had never forgotten Mangyongdae even for a moment during the anti-Japanese war.

However, he headed for the steel plant without dropping in at his old home. That day, he met the workers of the steel plant and aroused them to the rehabilitation of the plant destroyed by the Japanese imperialists, saying that they are the pillars and cornerstones of new Korea. Inspired by his trust and loving care, its workers could restore the furnace and produce steel in a short period to contribute to the building of a new country.

To convey forever his noble idea of putting the revolution before his home, the Korean people erected a monument to his revolutionary activities at the fork in October 1970.



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