Mining Industry



The mining industry, the first process of the national economy, is definitely kept ahead of the processing industry.

The State makes sure that precedence is given to geological prospecting and that scientific research is pushed ahead dynamically.

Efforts are concentrated on mines that have plenty of deposits and favourable conditions for mining. New mines are developed extensively under a long-term plan. Precedence is given to construction of pits, tunnelling and earth-removing ahead of mining. Pits are made permanent with concrete, which is fundamental to increased output.

With the development of science and technology mineral production processes are improving steadily.

Korea is quite rich in coal deposits. Major collieries tum out an enormous amount of coal. Many promising coal fields are developed in the northern and central parts of the country and its inland areas.

The Musan Mining Complex, a gigantic open mine producing iron ore, has mechanized and modernized all the processes of mining, hauling and dressing.

High-grade iron ore is produced in the west coastal area of Korea.

Having developed non-ferrous metal mines in several districts, the Komdok Mining Complex is increasing production.

High-quality graphite and rare-earth minerals which are in huge deposits in the country are developed and utilized.

In the Tanchon area of South Hamgyong Province is a magnesite mine with more than half the global deposits.

The March 5 Youth Mine and other modern non-ferrous metal mines are found in Ryanggang Province, Jagang Province and other areas with promising deposits.

The Anbyon Silicon-Potash Fertilizer Plant and phosphatic fertilizer plants, built on a modern footing, produce and supply fertilizers using domestic resources.

Mines have laid large-sized, long-distance conveyor belts and cableways which take the lion's share in transport.

The solid foundation and development of the mining industry enable it to meet the domestic demands for various minerals and strengthen the Juche character and independence of the industry.




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