KCNA Commentary on Japan's Militarization



KCNA Commentary on Japan's Militarization


Pyongyang, August 5 (KCNA) -- Japan busies itself with militarization recently.

Its Defense Ministry decided to deploy F-35As in Komatsu Base in Ishikawa Prefecture and F-35Bs in Nyutabaru Base in Miyazaki Prefecture.

According to the decision, the air "self-defense force" buckled down to preparing for the operation of those ultra-modern stealth fighters from 2024.

Such arms buildup being accelerated in the face of the public backlash at home constitutes an act of wrecking peace against the desire of humanity for living in a safe and peaceful world.

Many military bases were built in different parts of the Japanese archipelago. With the concentration of combat-ready forces in offensive formation on the bases, quantitative and qualitative bolstering of the SDF gains momentum.

Regional situation is seriously threatened by such reckless provocative moves of Japan seeking to round off the militarization of its territory and launch overseas aggression.

Komatsu Base is one of the key bases of the air "self-defense force" of Japan. Different types of fighters in the base are ready to make sorties any moment.

As Japan plans to deploy dozens of ultra-modern fighters in that base, it is easy to read its wild ambition.

F-35Bs with short-landing and VTOL capabilities to be deployed in Nyutabaru Base will be reportedly operated on the escort ships Kaga or Izumo to be transformed into aircraft carriers.

Calling for intensifying the "defense of far-off solitary islands" to cope with the naval operations of a neighboring country, Japan is going to organize a new force backed by such fighters and train it in a base to be built on Mage Island.

Japan has pushed ahead with its project for building a military giant since its defeat, thus emerging as a war force that cannot be overlooked.

Foreign media commented that Japan's naval force is being modeled on the navy of the Imperial Japanese Army and SDF has ranked itself among world-class armies.

Japan is to take a step forward in the efforts for stepping up its preparations for launching a war of aggression by deploying F-35Bs in its air base for the first time.

All facts go to prove that the Japanese reactionaries more desperately pursue their policy of overseas expansion and wild ambition for reinvading the Korean peninsula.

The international community remains sharply vigilant against the crazy moves of Japan that keeps bolstering its forces for aggression, not content with turning its whole territory into a giant military base.

Japan should stop going reckless, aware of the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its moves for building a military giant.

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