Cooled Mineral Water Relieves Midsummer Torrid Heat



Cooled Mineral Water Relieves Midsummer Torrid Heat


These days, many counters selling cool and fresh Kangso mineral water can be found in different places of Pyongyang.

As a carbonic acid-hydrocarbonate spring, the mineral water gushes out in Yaksu-ri, Kangso County, South Phyongan Province. The bottled water is supplied to the commercial outlets in the capital city every day.

Kim Un Gyong, a saleswoman at the Pothonggang District General Grocery Store, says: As a Korean specialty, the water is very good for the people’s health. As we sell cooled water, every passerby enjoys drinking it. Everyone wants to drink water as they are affected by the unprecedented fierce heat and a long spell of high temperature this year. I am happy to think that our fresh mineral water gives a help to relieving citizens of torrid heat.

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