DPRK's History of Self-reliance (19)


The basis of the DPRK's independent machine-building industry was laid after the Fatherland Liberation War (June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953). And miracles of creating a thing out of nothing were wrought in the history of its development.

President Kim Il Sung, the genius of creation, made tireless efforts to establish the machine-building industry, the core in building an independent and modern heavy industry.

On April 10, Juche 43 (1954), he visited the then Huichon Machine Factory under construction. In his historic speech made on the day, he stressed that without developing the machine-building industry, a basis for the technical progress at that time, it would be impossible to equip any national economic sector with new technology and realize the country's industrialization.

True to his instruction, the workers of the factory built the country's first machine-tool plant in two years after the war and made lathes by their own efforts and technology. Under his guidance, powerful machine-building bases were built in different parts of the country despite manifold difficulties.

The President unfolded a plan for manufacturing large-size machines and equipment at once in a short period while settling everything ranging from design to processing and assembling independently under such conditions of neither experience nor technical preparation and equipment and strengthening the machine-building bases in the course.

Under the revolutionary slogan "Iron and the machine are the king of industry!" set forth by him, the workers performed a great miracle of turning out in succession such large-size machines and equipment as excavator, bulldozer, big water pump, 8-m vertical lathe and 3 000 ton-press in the spirit of self-reliance.

The wise guidance of the President, who kindled the flames of a let-one-machine-tool-make-another movement, resulted in such reality where one machine produces another machine and one plant turns out another plant. Also, it helped remarkably consolidate the material and technical foundation of not only the country's heavy industrial sector but also the light industrial establishments in Pyongyang and local areas.

Thanks to his distinguished far-seeing wisdom, the DPRK could have a solid foundation for the independent machine industry in a short period.


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