Japanese Imperialists’ Raid on Korean Royal Palace


Recorded in the history of Japanese aggression on Korea is their raid on the royal palace of Korea.

As part of their plans for armed invasion drawn up scrupulously, the Japanese imperialists raided the royal palace of the feudal Joson dynasty on July 23, 1894.

Early in 1894, the Korean people waged a struggle against the feudal rulers and foreign aggression (Kabo Peasant War). Availing themselves of this opportunity, the Japanese imperialists hurled their aggressor troops into Korea and hatched a plot to place Korea under their monopolistic colony, on the pretext of protecting their residents in Korea.

Proceeding from this, they forced the feudal government of Korea to drive out the army of Qing China and nullify all the treaties concluded with it.

When the Korean government refused their demand, insisting that it had the authority for dealing with its internal affairs and diplomatic matters, the aggressors surrounded and attacked the Korean royal palace on the early morning of July 23 by mobilizing their troops.

Having climbed over the walls of the palace, the Japanese raiders killed the royal guards and broke through the castle gate in crowds. Hundreds of soldiers defending the palace fought bravely against the invaders, but to no avail, due to their numerical inferiority.

After occupying the palace, they kept Emperor Kojong in custody and denied access to the palace even by the ministers of the feudal government of Korea without their approval. They destroyed and plundered at random not only priceless treasures in the palace but also valuable articles preserved in it for hundreds of years.

They also seized all the barracks of the Korean army in the city to disarm the Korean soldiers, besieged the houses of government officials who were acknowledged to be against them, and rigidly forbade them to go out.

Worse still, they committed such barbarous acts of murdering innocent Koreans in various places of the city and setting their houses on fire.

After their raid on the royal palace, the Japanese invaders forced Regent Prince Taewon to lead the government, and his government to abrogate all the treaties concluded with Qing China.

This assault on the Korean royal palace clearly shows that the Japanese imperialists were the most villainous and shameless aggressors who never hesitated to commit any crimes for their occupation of Korea and that they are the sworn enemy of the Korean people.


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