Korean People Delighted at News of Election of WPK General Secretary


All the people of the DPRK are now very delighted at the news that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was elected as the general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

Jon Kyong, vice-chairperson of the State Commission of Science and Technology, told KCNA:

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, possessed of brilliant intelligence, outstanding leadership and noble popular traits, put the overall might and position of socialist Korea on the highest level.

He has energetically encouraged the scientists and technicians to push ahead with the building of a thriving nation by dint of science and technology.

He advanced the line of making all the people well versed in science and technology and turning the country into a science and technology power and has pursued the politics of giving priority to science. Under his guidance, key national projects were carried out and other valuable sci-tech successes and inventions were made.

Sharing will and feelings with him for the past 9 years, we, scientists and technicians, have cherished deeper in our mind the immutable truth that the path indicated by him is just the one of victory and glory.

With the pride of having the Supreme Leader as the general secretary of the WPK, we will proactively solve the urgent scientific and technical problems arising in implementing the new five-year plan for national economic development set forth at the 8th WPK Congress and speed up the development of core and advanced cutting-edge technologies.

Choe Song Chol, department director of the Capital City Construction Commission, said:

The Supreme Leader unfolded a grand plan for building a powerful nation and kindled the flames of great leap and innovation throughout the country. Thanks to his leadership, a period of great prosperity in construction was opened up and grand edifices, product of self-reliance and self-development, have appeared like bamboo shoots after rain every year.

True to his guidance, we will devote our wisdom and efforts to providing the people with better civilized living conditions and radically renewing the appearance of the country during the new five-year plan period.


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