“Man Hunting,” Monstrous Crime Committed by Japan



“Man Hunting,” Monstrous Crime Committed by Japan


Korean women are forcibly drafted as sexual slaves for the Japanese army.

The Japanese imperialists forcibly recruit young and middle-aged Koreans for labour drafting and conscription.

Young and middle-aged Koreans are forcibly taken away for conscription.

Korean women suffer from forced labour.

Korean children are forced to do backbreaking labour.

The Japanese imperialists, who occupied Korea (1905-1945) by force of arms, committed overtly and on a large scale the monstrous crime of forcibly drafting the Koreans that would put the medieval hunting for slaves to shame.

In February 1938, they fabricated the “Special Ordinance on Volunteers of the Army” in a bid to use young Koreans as cannon fodders for their war and, later, proclaimed the “Law on National Mobilization” to make “legal and institutional” devices for mobilizing all human and material resources of Korea in their war.

From October 1939, they enforced the “ordinance on public labour drafting” to legalize the drafting and conscription of Koreans. But not a Korean volunteered to go to slave labour sites or battlefields.

Then, they began to commit troops and police to their forcible drafting.

In those days, the Korea-based Japanese troops, military police and cops drove their trucks to urban and rural areas and took Koreans away in broad daylight at random, including those who were walking along the streets or working in the fields.

They forcibly drafted young and other Koreans, irrespective of age and sex, including the aged and the weak, women, girls, children, and even parturient women.

The number of Koreans kidnapped for labour drafting and conscription and as student soldiers and sex slaves for the Japanese army amounted to more than 8.4 million.

The Japanese imperialists reduced them to labour and military slaves and treated them like beasts.

There are hundreds of documents on prohibition of slavery, an inhumane crime, in the world, and in Japan, too, slavery was defined as a crime by its law enacted in April 1907.

Notwithstanding this, the atrocities committed by the Japanese imperialists who kidnapped millions of Koreans and maltreated them as slaves clearly prove that they are outrageous barbarians and the sworn enemy of the Korean people.

Much water has flown under the bridge. But Japan can never escape from its responsibility for liquidating its past crimes and must make an apology and reparations for them.

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