Loving Care Shown for War Veterans


All the war veterans and other people in the DPRK are now much impressed by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's congratulatory speech at the 6th National Conference of War Veterans.

In his speech, the Supreme Leader highly appreciated the exploits of the victorious wartime generation, calling the war veterans excellent revolutionaries, patriots and invaluable treasures of the revolution. Five years ago, he said at the 4th National Conference of War Veterans in July Juche 104 (2015) that they are the country's priceless treasures, laudable heroes of the nation and genuine patriots as they have devotedly defended the Party, the revolution, the country and the people.

Such deep trust and warm love are touching the hearts of the war veterans.

The Supreme Leader saw to it that the V-day was celebrated splendidly every year, sanatoriums for war veterans were built at scenic spots across the country and a trait of taking care of their life was established in the whole society.

Thanks to his deep care, the feats of the war veterans, victors of the great years, will shine forever along with Juche Korea's tradition of victories.


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