Distinguished Statesman Leads DPRK to Prosperity


It has been four years since Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was elected as chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK.

Under his guidance, a new turn has been made in all the sectors of socialist construction, including the political, military and economic fields.

He set forth the precious ideas and theories like the idea of holding fast to the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist idea of state building as a steadfast guiding principle, the idea that the people's laughter is a standard for estimating the national strength, the idea of adhering to our state-first spirit and the idea of consolidating the socialist material foundation through a grand march of economic construction.

And the politico-ideological might of the DPRK was further consolidated through the realization of modeling the whole society on the monolithic idea and the strengthening of the internal forces.

Thanks to his iron-willed grit and distinguished leadership, the Republic is displaying its dignity as a world military giant with powerful treasured sword of defending peace.

It is the present reality of the DPRK that a work for putting the national economy on a Juche, modern, IT and scientific basis is being pushed ahead by dint of self-reliance while seizing the talents and science and technology as a key strategic asset.

The people's trust in the Republic has further deepened under the politics of warm love.

They are now confident of the sure victory in the cause of building a powerful socialist nation as they have Kim Jong Un at the top post of the state.


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