Many Songs Produced in Praise of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un


Many hymns praising Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un have been produced in the new century of the Juche era to be loved by people.

The immortal revolutionary hymn "Ode to General Kim Jong Un" holds the most brilliant place in the hymns composed in the period.

Our people's profound loyalty to the Supreme Leader to whom they entrust their destiny and future lead to the creation of such songs of reverence for a great man as "Glory to General Kim Jong Un" and "Our Destiny and Future Entrusted to You".

Many hymns like "Cheers of the People", "Opening My Heart" and "Our Leader Loved by People" are famous songs representing joy and glory of the people who hold the peerlessly great man as the great father of the nation, and the rosy future of the country.

There are other songs showing the keen feelings of the people who wish the Supreme Leader good health.

Songs like "We Will Follow You with Single Mind" and "We Will Follow Marshal to End" display our unbreakable single-minded unity.


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