Successful Supply of Iron and Steel for Housing Construction


Officials and workers in the metal industrial sector of the DPRK give top priority to the production of iron and steel needed for the construction of 10 000 flats in Pyongyang.

Workers of the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex successfully carried out the iron and steel production plan for March.

Those of the Chollima Steel Complex have striven to supply more iron and steel to the construction site. They boosted the production by carrying forward the baton of patriotism and loyalty of the preceding generations.

Officials and workers of the Posan Iron Works over-fulfilled the production plan by streamlining the production processes and ensuring the full-capacity operation of the revolving furnace.

Those of the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex, too, have worked hard to timely supply the iron and steel for the housing construction.


Linus Johnson - Connecticut, United - Student - 2021-04-07
It is excellent to hear that the steel production plan for March was achieved. Let us all hope for this combined patriotism and effort to continue into April, and for that matter, into the rest of the year!

제목 : 주택건설에 필요한 선철및 주철을 성과적으로 보장
이름 : 리누스 죤슨, 주소 : 미국의 Connecticut주, 직업 : 대학생
내용 : 3월 강철생산계획이 완수되였다는 소식을 들으니 참 훌륭하다.
이런 집단적 애국주의와 노력이 4월에도 계속되며 이러한 일이 년의 마지막까지 이어지도록 합시다.
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