Meaning of September 9


On September 9 decades ago Chairman Kim Jong Il told officials that whenever the anniversary of the founding of the DPRK came round he would remember the President Kim Il Sung, and that the day was of greater significance in that it marked the day when the great leader was elected the first head of the sovereign and independent state, than in that it was the one when the founding of the Republic was proclaimed.

He went on to say that as there was the DPRK, the great country established and led by the great leader, the Korean people could lead a happy life, and eternal prosperity was awaiting the nation, that the dignity and honour of the nation were ensured by the prestige of the leader, that the country was inconceivable apart from the great leader, that the Republic was closely connected with the august name of the leader and that modern Korea was the great leader Kim Il Sung's Korea.

The Chairman said: When our leader was 34 he liberated the country. And when he was 37 he founded our Republic and was elected head of the State. There are a lot of national leaders in the world but none of them could match our leader who embarked on the road of revolution in his early years, led an unprecedentedly arduous anti-imperialist national liberation revolution to victory and was elected head of state at such a young age.

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