Spirit of Selfless Devotion

After providing orphans with comfortable homes, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un heard that the children were living happily in the homes. Then he said that probably he was working cheerfully despite all difficulties so as to taste such happiness that filled him with emotion, and that all officials should redouble their courage and strength to do their work better in the spirit of selfless devotion to the people.

It is a general opinion of all the Korean people that whatever he says is a golden saying touching their heartstrings.

The word selfless devotion means making devoted efforts. The Korean people have witnessed his selfless devotion more times than they can count. He unhesitatingly got aboard a small wooden boat to sail the rough sea to go to see soldiers on islets, inspected dangerous construction sites on rainy days and looked round steam-filled indoor fishing ponds.

All the well-being and happiness of the Korean people are associated with the leader's selfless devotion. Thanks to his devotion gigantic epoch-making changes and miracles were brought about on this land one after another along with tremendous changes on the sea and islets, running against time. So the Korean people are keenly feeling that the instructions the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gives with confidence in their better tomorrow during his field guidance are permeated with his love for the people.

Countless are bywords in the era of Kim Jong Un, including "Everything for the people and everything by relying on them!” and "Let us ensure that our people enjoy the highest quality and standard of civilisation!”

As he only thinks of and works for the people, they entrust their destiny entirely to him. The single-hearted unity, and the harmonious whole of Korea centring on Kim Jong Un will be further consolidated with the passage of time.

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