Koryo Medicinal Poultice


The koryo medicinal poultice is a branch of the Koryo medicine the Korean people created and developed over a long time. It is a therapy based on direct application of materials to sore spots to get a stimulating effect.

It was originated from a simple folk remedy of stimulating a sore spot by using natural Koryo medicinal materials.

There are many historical data on the therapy with diversified explanation. It was described in detail in Hyangyakjipsongbang, Tonguibogam and Uibangryuchwi, the three major traditional medical classics of the country, and many other medical classics defined it as an indispensable treatment method.

Various Diseases Section Vol.5 of Tonguibogam (1613) reads that “applying parboiled dry radish leaves to a sore waist as soon as it is injured will soon cure it." This is a common method usually used by families today.

The Koryo medicinal poultice is simple to do and brings a unique efficacy, so it has been widely used among the Korean people. Over 300 kinds of materials have been used up to now.

They have such effects as local anesthesia, stimulation, prevention of inflammation, bacteriostasis, stopping of bleeding and killing of germs and insects.

Today the therapy has been further put on a scientific basis. In the course of finding out and ascertaining folk remedies researchers of Koryo medicine learned over 14 000 folk remedies including more than 3 400 items of poultice and clinical treatment experience. The findings were published as Complete Collection of Folk Remedies (2010).

The remedy was registered on the list of the national intangible cultural heritage.

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