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Chairman Kim Jong Il examined a relief map of prospective model of Kim Il Sung University on March 19, 2009.

While hearing about the project of building a new e-library, he suggested refurbishing the main building of the university for the e-library rather than erecting a new building. Now he said, casting a gentle glance at the accompanying officials, that if they established a modern e-library in the main building it would always be crowded with a lot of visitors and that it would be a favourite resort of the teaching staff and students and the centre of Kim Il Sung University. Later he looked after every stage of the project ranging from the purchase of facilities to trial operation as well as the designing and construction. Then, he wrote an autographic statement and sent it to the university which reads, “Keep your feet planted firmly on this land and look out over the world! Become reliable pillars of the Songun revolution with an ennobling spirit and profound knowledge! Redouble your efforts for the great Party and Kim Il Sung's Korea to be admired by the world! Kim Jong Il December 17, 2009”

Thanks to his lofty and loving care the e-library of Kim Il Sung University went up as hub of general information education and science equipped with a tremendous database and latest server.


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