Read the Mind


It was one day several months after Chairman Kim Jong Il began to work in the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on June 19, 1964.

While having a talk with officials, he stressed the need to turn the Party work into the one with people, and explained matters of principle for Party officials to abide by in the work with people.

He said: What is most important in the work with people is to read their mind. If you want to understand their inner thought you should go among them, and acquaint yourselves comprehensively with their work and life.

If people have a certain worry, you should share it with them.

If they have a tangled problem, you should regard it as your own and go all out to untangle it to the end. Only then will people follow Party officials and open their heart.

He added that Party officials should have warm comradeship and do the work with people functionally so that the masses themselves can approach the Party organisations unreservedly to tell and discuss without hesitation the problems arising in and out of their work.

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