Flower and Butterfly


One Summer day in 1970, during his on-the-spot guidance tour, Chairman Kim Jong Il stayed at a lake for a short time.

Observing for a good while the scenery of the lakeside where various beautiful flowers were in bloom, he told accompanying officials that if they looked carefully at the movement of bees and butterflies, they could easily tell which flower was fragrant, and that such a logic works just in human life as well.

He went on to say that as a flower with fragrance attracts bees and butterflies warm-hearted Party officials alone can be friendly. The fragrance of a Party official just means humanity and human feelings, he noted.

Listening attentively to him, the officials realised anew the logic of life and that of Party work through the single natural phenomenon.

Looking round them, the leader said:

Bees and butterflies come to fragrant flowers because the flowers have nectar which is the main sustenance of their life.

The flowers give off fragrance because they can be well pollinated to bear fruit only when bees and butterflies come to them. The logic also works in the relationship between the Party and the people. The popular masses can have a high political integrity only when they entrust their fate to the Party and are led by the Party that is their vanguard organisation. And the Party can emerge victorious in the revolution only when it rallies the masses around itself. In other words, the Party can win the revolution and maintain its own existence only when it forms a harmonious whole with the people.

Now the officials realised anew that the harmonious whole of the WPK and the popular masses is the mode of existence of the Party.

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