Comprehensive Hot-spring Treatment Base and Multifunctional Sports and Recreational Complex


Hot springs in Yangdok, South Phyongan Province, contain lots of sulphur and a negligible amount of radon, gush out in large quantities and are high in pharmacological and medical efficacy. Especially the springs do not contain such pollution indicators as ammonia, nitrous acid, ion nitrate and pathogenic microorganisms at all.

It was in August 2018 that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un inspected Yangdok to build a comprehensive hot-spring treatment base there. He climbed up and down low and high hills to designate the position of a general hotel, and instructed that modern comprehensive service facilities should be built there so as to provide different kinds of hot spring bath.

In April 2019, during his inspection of the construction site, he said: If a skiing ground is built around the hot spring resort people will be glad to ski in the daytime and have a rest while taking a hot-spring bath in the evening. Then he instructed that the area should be turned into a comprehensive sports and recreational base and medical service base.

Later he inspected the construction site many times to give specific directions, for example, the matters of combining national identity and modernity properly, ensuring harmony, distinctiveness and diversity and holding on to the principle of prioritising convenience and aesthetic beauty.

Care engenders trust, and results in a miracle. True to their national leader's intention for the care of the people, the Korean people completed in a short span of less than a year the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort consisting of both indoor and outdoor spa baths, skiing areas, a riding park and hotels, all perfect in utility, mutual combination and formative and artistic qualities.

On December 7, 2019 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un participated in the inauguration ceremony of the resort and cut the inaugural tape.

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