Ideal City for the People


Samjiyon City is the hometown of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

So the Korean people regard it as their noble moral obligation to develop the city better and better to be admired for all ages.

In December Juche 106 (2017), during his inspection of the then Samjiyon County in Ryanggang Province, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un pointed out the mistakes in conducting the first-stage project of the development of the county—which had been done in a passive, makeshift way and in an insincere manner. He instructed that the county development project should be done in a brand-new and big way so as to turn it into a fine example of mountainous county bearing a concentration of modern civilisation.

Later he solved all problems arising in the project from the formation of a strong construction unit to the supply of equipment, materials and fund, and inspected relevant construction sites several times, giving scrupulous guidance to the builders so that they could complete the project of the county town on the highest possible level.

True to his plan and guidance, the Korean people turned the area into an ideal community.

The city represents a fine combination of national identity, modern features and local characteristics with the main road in front of the statue of Chairman Kim Jong II as the central axis, and a new phase in developing architectural utility, and formative and artistic values. Clearly divided into educational, residential, commercial and other sections, the city keeps a perfect harmony of multi-storeyed buildings, and all dwellings and public facilities embody the principle of prioritising convenience and aesthetic beauty. And new standards were established from the architectural formation of the city as a whole to each building, traffic facility, promotional fixtures like slogans and catchwords and decorative illuminations. Also, the area has got a marvellous landscape which goes well with the northern alpine region.

The fact that working people enjoy socialist civilisation to their heart's content in the ideal city at the foot of Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain of the nation, enables the Korean people to picture their prosperous future in their mind.

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