Animal Brought in Large Plane


One April day in 1986, during his inspection of the Central Zoo, Chairman Kim Jong Il looked round a rhinoceros house. Mentioning that people would be glad to see the rhinoceros, he said he was most pleased to see the people enjoy themselves.

Earlier, when the rhinoceros had to be brought from an African country, the relevant officials were of different opinions. Some suggested using a Korean ship which was cruising near the country, and others proposed to use a foreign ship bound for Korea.

Knowing this, the Chairman disapproved of the officials' economic calculation, saying that although the transport of the rhinoceros seemed to be a simple matter of an animal it was related to the work for the people.

Then he proposed to bring the animal by air. Thus a plane left for the country.

But on the spot the officials faced an unexpected situation. The rhinoceros was too large to go into the door of the plane.

Reported on the problem, the Chairman said the animal should be brought in a foreign sky truck even if it would cost a lot, and added: What is pleasure to us? The people's pleasure is just that of ours.


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