“Okryu Restaurant” of Anju


On October 18, Juche 64 (1975), while giving on-the-spot guidance for the construction of Anju City, Chairman Kim Jong II looked round the Chilsong Restaurant under construction in Chilsong Park.

In the front yard of the restaurant he looked carefully at its building while changing his position several times, and said with satisfaction: It is well built. A Korean-style building is still good to look at. This gable-roofed Korean-style building seems to be floating in water as it is built with its pillars fixed into the bottom of the Chilsong Pond. It is just as good as Okryu Restaurant.

After looking round different parts of the ground floor, the Chairman dropped in at Room No. 2 on the first floor. Mentioning that it would be pleasant to have a bird's-eye view of Chilsong Park and Anju Street, he said that the interior of the building should be completed quickly so that the restaurant could be opened soon.

While having a look at Anju City from the balcony of the building, the Chairman said: The situation of the Chilsong Restaurant is really good. It is the best site where we can see Chilsong Park and Anju City as a whole. In the future city planning best places should be dedicated to theatres, libraries, restaurants, hospitals and so on to be frequented by the people.

And mentioning that if they failed to serve good dishes when the building was decent, the people would speak ill of it, the Chairman said the restaurant should serve Korean dishes as well as Korean foods, and that it should specialise in Korean foods such as noodle, rice cake, pancake, fried rice cake and hot rice in warm meat soup, and lots of Korean dishes such as sinsollo. Especially, it had better put emphasis on noodle, national food of Korea, he stressed.

He went on to say that for the restaurant to serve good foods to be liked by the people, it should have skilled cooks and be well provided with raw and other materials. Then he instructed that cooks be selected for the restaurant and sent to the Okryu Restaurant in Pyongyang for practice, and that it organise dish shows frequently so as to raise the quality of dishes.

After giving specific advice about the construction and operation of the restaurant, he, out in the yard, had another look at the building, and said the restaurant was well designed and built and that he would visit it again when it was in operation.


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