“We Have Nothing to Spare for Our Women”



In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea the popular masses are creators and enjoyers of architecture. This is vividly expressed by the belief of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who makes sure that top priority is given to their aspiration, requirement and convenience in constructing even a single structure.

When the whole country was sorrow-stricken at the demise of Chairman Kim Jong II on December 17, Juche 100 (2011), the matter of building the Breast Tumour Institute of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital was temporarily laid aside.

On learning the fact, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent a strong building force to the construction site so as to push ahead with the project, and took measures to provide preferentially the materials and equipment necessary for the project.

Several months later, he inspected the construction site to acquaint himself with the details of the construction under way, and gave important instructions related to the project.

When the institute was completed he visited it and looked round several places. He instructed that all elements of the institute should be of world class as it was built for the sake of women and said: "We have nothing to spare for our women."

Thus, the following morning, lots of equipment and furnishings sent by him arrived at the institute.

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