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The Yangdok Hot Spring comprehensively contains elements appropriate for natural medical treatment, and the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort boasts geographical characteristics and natural environment good for having a bath in hot spring.

Tonggukyojisungnam (Handbook of Korean Geography compiled in 1481) has a record that there are three hot springs 8km north of Yangdok County, Phyongan Province and that the springs are quite hot.

Situated in a mountain region of a low elevation, the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort is the most ideal place for natural treatment as it is shaded by pine trees in a valley.

The spring water evenly contains different ingredients necessary for acceleration of metabolism. It is rich in sulphur and contains an extremely small amount of radon. The hot spring is mainly composed of metasilicate, sulphur and fluorine. Being mildly alkaline, it is high in pharmacological action and therapeutic efficacy. It contains no ammonium, nitrous acid and ion nitrate, which are pollution assessment indices, and no pathogenic microorganism.

The hot spring is especially good for the treatment of eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, arthritis, muscular and bone diseases and neuralgia; it acts as antibacterial and anticancer agent, facilitates blood circulation and accelerates absorption and excretion of inflammatory wastes.

If rheumatic polyarthritis patients get hot spring treatment, it increases the gluco-steroid hormone concentration in blood. And the treatment cures the ovarian dysfunction, normalises and adjusts all physiological functions of the body and acts as a strong antidote. It also prevents calcium from leaving bones, thus strengthening them and preventing osteoporosis. It accelerates the growth of the body and prevents arteriosclerosis.

If a diabetic takes a tepid bath in the spring water or drinks the water, it promotes insulin secretion, thus reducing blood sugar.

Taking a bath in the spring water normalises the function of the autonomic nerve, and raises the anagenetic ability. It also quickens the regeneration of injured nerves, and markedly shortens the process of coalition of fractured bones.

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