Pigo (flying vehicle) is a kind of glider. It was invented and used in the early days of the Imjin Patriotic War (1592-1598).

According to a historical record, when the Japanese invaders encircled and attacked the Jinju Fort in South Kyongsang Province, the Korean soldiers flew on such vehicles as far as 12 kilometres to contact the outside.

The vehicle made of wooden framework covered with leather was in the shape of eagle or crested ibis. Its wings were tens of square metres in width so that it could have great soaring capacity. In the centre of the vehicle were installed devices to control wings, bellows, and an air bag to store and send out the air, the device to control the bag and seats for men to operate these devices. The wings were controlled with several ropes connected to the centre. The vehicle also had wheels under the body so that it could run on the ground.

Pigo was the world’s first military glider which carried people.

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