Old-timer Loses


Strategy and courage are the hallmark of a military commander.

The following story illustrates that Kim Jong Un was born with these qualities.

One day news reached young Kim Jong Un that a foreigner working with a world-famous speedboat company arrived at Wonsan, bringing with him Fountain-brand speedboats. An experienced technician nicknamed "speedboat ace," he boasted of his driving skills.

That night Kim Jong Un took a train for the port city.

He met the foreigner on a wharf and asked him about the technical specifications of the boats, before challenging him to a race.

Astonished by his boldness, the technician explained that their velocity per hour was 200km, offering to have a try on a straight course.

Kim Jong Un rebuffed him, saying that his intention was not to assess the performance of the boats but to compete with him. He suggested setting up two markings and making a U-turn around them.

The race began.

The technician, self-conceited, drove the boat slowly but Kim Jong Un's boat accelerated from the outset. The foreigner's picked up speed but it was too late.

The old-timer admitted that he looked down on the young challenger, pleading for another round.

At the second round the "speedboat ace" seemed resolved to save his face. His boat streaked towards the marking but, turning around, careened far away from it because of the vertiginous speed. At this moment Kim Jong Un's boat made a safe turning and it was now far ahead of his rival's.

Spectators yelled loud at the young winner.

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