Tempo for AA Gunners


One day Kim Jong Un saw a concert by a band of the Korean People’s Army.

Put on stage were The Victorious Parade, Song of Mangyongdae and Silvery Wings.

When the performance of these pieces was over, he clapped his hands, praising the brass band for its excellent skills and good arrangement of the song. He instructed the band master to stop following the concert programme and perform the song he would choose.

Then he chose Song of Coast Artillerymen. The band performed the song with great verse.

Saying that the performance fitted in with the character of the song, he asked the band master:

Don’t you think the tempo was a bit quick?

Blushing, the latter came to the realization that they performed the piece too fast because they were concentrating on representing the soaring morale of coast artillerymen.

Kim Jong Un resumed with a laugh, “How can coast artillerymen charge their guns at such high speed? That tempo is suitable for AA gunners.”


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