Cheers in the Shooting Range


On May 8, Juche 98 (2009), Kim Jong Un visited a factory.

After being shown around the shop floor, he was guided to the shooting range, where officials in his company entreated him to shoot targets.

He accepted the request willingly.

He gazed intently at the targets-coloured lamps hanging on a wire, bottles standing in a line and model animals. Then he levelled his rifle at the lamp at a range of 50m.

At that moment a gust of wind blew, making these lamps dance in the air.

Spectators held their breath.

At last the shooter opened fire and the lamps were broken one after another. The officials exclaimed at the sight of a vivid palette of rainbow colours.

Impressed by his high-speed and accurate marksmanship, they tried to persuade him to have another try.

Kim Jong Un said jokingly, “If I hit all the targets, nothing will be left for others.”

The officials implored him.

His next target was the bottles lining up. As the shooter fired in rapid succession, spectators raised loud cheers.

Kim Jong Un said to the officials, “The rifles from this factory are very good. ”

The latter lavished praise on the proficient marksman.

Then Kim Jong Un saw an array of rifles on display and praised workers at the factory.

One of the officials asked him to shoot the rifles for the purpose of assessing their performance.

Kim Jong Un agreed, saying "The performance of a rifle should be assessed by the value of the hit."

Then he asked an officials standing next to him if he would join the shooting. The latter’s career was associated with the manufacturing and test-firing of rifles.

The shooting competition started with the official’s firing. He looked composed as he fired shot after shot.

Next, it was Kim Jong Un’s turn. He picked a rifle with telescopic sight and shot it, before choosing another.

After the competition was over, the officials including the first shooter were happy to see that Kim Jong Un achieved the highest point scores.

That day the officials and other spectators, marvelling at his accurate marksmanship, took great pride in having another brilliant commander endowed with extraordinary qualities and abilities.

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