What He Likes and What He Hates



One day in October 1958 an official went to see Kim Jong Il, who was a higher middle school student at the time.

The official asked him what he liked best and hated most.

Kim Jong Il was well aware that the man was by nature very inquisitive.

So he repeated the question, laughing loudly:

"What do I like best?"

Then he answered.

"I set the greatest store by the revolutionary faith that I have made my mental prop. Every day I examine whether there is even a slightest crack in my revolutionary conviction and discipline myself."

"I see. Then, what kind of people do you like best and despise most?"

"I hold in highest affection those who have such a strong faith that it does not change in any adversity and such a strong will that it never bends. I despise most those who are devoid of faith, feeble-hearted and easily abandon their convictions. In short, I like best people who have a strong revolutionary conviction, and hate most those who abandon it easily."

"I have one more request. I'd like you to give me an aphorism concerning the life philosophy of a revolutionary―one that I could cherish all my life."

"A revolutionary must not only make a good start in life, but also finish it well. Hold your revolutionary conviction dearer than your life as long as you live, and graduate from life with honours, cherishing your revolutionary faith unto death! This is what I'd like to ask you to cherish."

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