"O Korea, I Will Add Glory to Thee"


Kim Jong Il, on his first day at Kim Il Sung University―September 1, 1960―climbed Ryongnam Hill on the campus, accompanied by some of his fellow students.

The morning sun over the Taedong River was shedding golden beams on the green lawns through the dense shrubberies.

With his arms akimbo and his body lit by the morning glow, Kim Jong Il looked down at the main university building.

After a while, he said in an emotional voice:

"Taking charge of the Korean revolution and carrying forward the leader's cause from generation to the next is our noble duty to the times, the revolution, the country and the people. Add glory to Korea, the country of the great sun, throughout the ages―this is my unshakeable faith and will."

He then told his fellow students that he felt like reciting a poem.

They asked him to go on, and he began:

As I stand on Ryongnam Hill at sunrise,

The land of 3000 ri greets my eyes.

Learning the leader's great idea,

I'll be the master of the revolution in Korea.

O Korea, I will add glory to thee.

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