A Tribute Paid on the Front Line



April 15, 1997, was the 85th anniversary of Kim Il Sung's birth.

That day, Kim Jong Il was inspecting units of the Korean People's Army on the front line.

He stopped in front of a broad, flat rock on Mt. Jihye.

Kim Il Sung, when he went to Mt. Jihye on September 23, 1951, during the Korean war, had spread his operations map on the rock and held a briefing with the commanding officers.

After listening to their reports on the situation at the front, he finally confirmed the direction of the enemy's main attack in their "autumn offensive".

Kim Jong Il proceeded to the monument commemorating those events and gazed at it, deep in thought.

He then said to the commanding officers accompanying him:

"We have to spend today, April 15, at the front, so we cannot go to the Kumsusan Memorial Palace to pay tribute to leader Kim Il Sung. Let's pay tribute to him in front of this monument on Mt. Jihye."

His entourage lined up behind Kim Jong Il.

Then Kim Jong Il said, "Attention! Salute!"

His solemn order echoed across the mountain.

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