Natural Health Food Factory



In the DPRK, the Natural Health Product Factory is known as a unit developing many quality and efficacious natural Koryo medicines.

The factory, located in Sosan-dong, Mangyongdae District of Pyongyang City, put its production processes on the GMP and is now mass-producing Koryo medicines, health foods and functional cosmetics through harmonious mixture of extracted natural medicinal materials.

In particular, eight kinds of natural Koryo medicines, including capsules for treating heart, liver and digestive system troubles, won patents for their high curative value.

Natural beauty mask and lotion, made from natural plants good for skin health, and tea made with eight kinds of grains, too, are enjoying popularity.

Those who obtained desired results in treating coronary sclerosis and other diseases with natural Koryo medicines produced by the factory would say that the Koryo medicines made with domestic medical herbs are best.

Jon Yong Ran, manager of the factory, told KCNA that the business principle of the factory is to develop many more natural health foods, fully guaranteed in quality, effectiveness and safety and conducive to the promotion of the people's health, with medicinal herbs growing in the country.

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