Samilpho Specialty Factory



The Samilpho Specialty Factory in Rangnang District of Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK, is famous for turning out foodstuff with local specialties.

The factory has produced various foodstuffs and hundred kinds of goods, including liquor, tea, Koryo medicine and honey, with agricultural products and natural plants.

It has foodstuff processing and goods production processes equipped with latest facilities.

Setting it as its business strategy to develop new products, the factory increased tens of kinds of goods additionally like pepper-seed oil.

Its products are sold at commercial service units in Pyongyang including the Samilpho Specialty Shop and its branches, Pyongyang Department Store No. 1, Taesong Department Store and Kwangbok Area Supermarket.

When visiting the factory in April Juche 98 (2009), Chairman Kim Jong Il praised the factory for having produced various foodstuffs on the highest level with domestic raw materials and resources and kindled the torch of fresh innovation in the foodstuff-processing industry.

Under his guidance, distinct general foodstuff factories were built across the country to contribute to improving the people's diet.

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