Ginger Tea


From of old the Korean people used ginger as both spice and medicinal material. In particular, they were fond of drinking ginger tea in the scorching season of summer.

1. Ginger and Orange Peel Tea

The tea warms the spleen and the stomach, and removes cold-evil. It helps the spleen, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and bladder work properly, and invigorate the weak spleen. The tea also helps cure the pain from a bloated belly, nausea, vomiting, phlegm retention syndrome and coughing.

The method of preparing the tea is as follows: Put orange peels and ginger into the teapot to brew before adding an appropriate amount of brown sugar to drink.

2. Black Ginger Tea

It helps warm the stomach, cure vomiting and improve vitality. It also helps invigorate the spleen and the stomach, remove fatigue and retard aging, and acts as antiphlogistic and diuretic. Brew the black tea leaves and ginger in the teapot before adding an appropriate amount of brown sugar.

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