The Process of Shaping Destiny



The process of shaping man’s destiny may be likened to a lengthy and arduous marathon because he will have to make strenuous efforts to control his destiny from the cradle to the grave.

As marathoners have to go beyond exteme physical and mental limits to reach the finish line, destiny control undergoes a certain law-governed process.

Once man has stood at a proper starting point of carving out his fate, it is important for him to know what process he will go through to shape his destiny and act on his own initiative, purposefully and consciously in line with the process.

When the process is defined scientifically, man is able to talk the position and play the role as the master of his destiny, steering his destiny successfully without deviation.

The Juche idea, which holds it as its fundamental mission to indicate the way to carve out human destiny, gives a scientific explanation of not only the starting point for destiny control but also its lawful process.

The lucid explanation of the course of destiny control has opened up bright prospects for man who wants to become the master of his destiny and live independently, creatively and consciously.




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