The Master of Destiny

Now that the key to the solution of the riddle of destiny has been provided, there remains the matter of turning the key to find out who the master of man’s destiny is in relation with the world.

The Juche idea has clarified that the master of man’s destiny is none other than man himself after providing the key.

Man is the master of his destiny because he is the only dominator and transformer of the world in view of his relations with the world.

Leader Kim Jong Il said:

“Man, the social being, who has independence, creativity, and consciousness, is the precisely the only dominator and remake of the world.”

The birth of man meant the birth of a special being in the world that threw off bondage of nature, which marked the beginning of man’s struggle to make the surrounding world serve him.

Of course, the world conceded a very small area to man in his infancy. It was smaller than a dot marked on a large map.

But man expanded his domain inch by inch with his diligent labour activities.

It is proven by the history of development of power needed for the production of material wealth.

At the outset man had only his physical strength. He then began to harness draught animals, water, wind power and other natural resources. Now he used atomic energy. Projects are now under way to use hydrogen as a fuel and to build a nuclear reactor in which atomic nuclei of deuterium and superheavy hydrogen, isotopes of hydrogen, are fused to generate energy.

Scientists estimate that the sea water contains about 45 trillion ton of deuterium and if they are used as fuel for nuclear fusion reactors, people can obtain power energy from them for 10 billion years.

Here is another example.

People could gather raw materials for production from the confined surface of land in the past, but now they are mining natural resources from deep pits and deep seabed and exploring the moon to exploit necessary raw materials.

It is only thousands of years since mankind entered the stage of civilization. In the period they have put a large portion of nature under their control. It is difficult to imagine how much more will be under their control after millions or billions of years.

After all, man is not dominated by nature, but he dominate it.

He not only dominate the world but also plays the decisive role in transforming and developing it.

On the basis of his understanding of the law governing the changes and development of the objective world, man actively changes matters and phenomena to meet his needs.

It is said that the progenitor of the present day chicken was a wild chicken inhabiting India. People tamed it over 5000 years back, when it laid only about 10 eggs a year. But now it has been improved to lay 200 to 300 eggs. Mother Nature, however, has failed to bring any noticeable change to it.

In life science, genetic engineering and cell engineering have made rapid progress. As a result, new crops that nature cannot make are being bred, like a crop which bears tomatoes at the branches and potatoes at the roots.

Today people are trying to make things with completely different properties with the help of nanotechnology. It provides possibility to connect atoms one by one. It is well known that all things are made up of atoms. Nanotechnology enables man to make anything they wish. Scientist predict that in the near future nano-robots will be developed and they will travel along blood vessels to remove sediments from their walls, attack bacteria and viruses and find out and kill cancerous cells.

No doubt the range of man’s transformation of nature will get wider still further.

Man transforms not only nature but society. Human society has developed from the primitive society to the present-day socialist society through slave, feudal and capitalist societies, but the social progress was not made of its own accord or by any mysterious being. The old societies have been transformed into new ones by humankind.

Man, indeed, is the giant who controls and rules the world, the master of everything in the world and the sole dominator and remake of the world who plays the decisive role in its development.

We can deduce the following conclusion from the fact that man is the master of the world and plays the decisive role in its development: man is none other than the master of his own destiny.

As there exists neither mysterious being nor supernatural force that rules and reshapes the world, it is clear they can never be the master of man’s destiny. And as all things that actually exist in the world are under his control and reshaped by him, they can never decide his destiny. In conclusion, man is the master of his destiny. He can shape his future only by his own efforts. No other beings in the world than man can become his master that decides his destiny.

The Juche idea raised relations between the world and man and the position and role man assumes in the world as the fundamental questions of philosophy for the first time and gave an original definition that independence, creativity and consciousness are the characteristic features of man. On the basis of this, it clarified that the master of man’s destiny is man himself and, therefore, he can carve out his destiny only by his own efforts.

With the discovery of this great truth, man who had long been a slave to mysticism, fatalism and supernatural god could exalt his destiny and worth as the master of his destiny.

The invaluable truth that man is the master of his destiny served as the starting point for the correct solution of all the problems arising in shaping his own destiny.




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