Wangjaesan Grand Monument


In the DPRK, there are many monumental edifices built as bases for education in the revolutionary traditions.

Among them is the Wangjaesan Grand Monument, an edifice in the era of the Workers' Party which adorned one page in the history of Juche-oriented architecture.

The monument tells the immortal revolutionary exploits of President Kim Il Sung who advanced into the homeland in March Juche 22 (1933) and convened a meeting on the ridge of Mt Wangjae to be a new milestone in dynamically developing the overall Korean revolution with the anti-Japanese armed struggle as the center under the banner of Juche.

It was completed in October 1975 with the 30th founding anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea as an occasion.

Chairman Kim Jong Il initiated its construction for turning Mt Wangjae into a large-scale revolutionary site. And he came to the spot several times to set the position of the monument and guided its construction in detail.

At the grand monument, there is a statue of the President making a speech with his hand lifted to liberate Korea from Japan's colonial rule by spreading the anti-Japanese armed struggle to the homeland. The grand monument consists of central group sculptures, main theme sculptures with torch tower, subsidiary theme sculptures, a monument to the revolutionary activities, granite relief sculptures, etc.

The tower body and the torch symbolically emphasize the theme and idea of the monument.

Central group sculptures and subsidiary theme sculptures showing the fighting figures of guerillas and people of all strata were depicted to tell the theme and idea of the monument comprehensively.

The Wangjaesan Grand Monument is a precious treasure implanting the revolutionary tradition of Paektu deeply in the mind of the Korean people and servicepersons.

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