The Starting Point For Shaping Destiny



As the saying goes, “A good beginning is half done.”

As how one starts in a 100-metre race decides the contest, a good star in any undertaking brings about success.

The same may be the case with the quest for the solution to the question of destiny.

An ancient Roman philosopher, Seneca, left the saying: “Fate bring with it the one who hopes for it and drags the one who does not hope for it.” The well-known phrase means that man’s face is decided beforehand and unavoidable.

The view is grounded on the understanding that there is a supernatural, mysterious being surpassing human being in the world and man’s life and death and fortune are fixed by it unchangeably. It is true that such a thought dominated people’s minds in bygone days when humans were ignorant of themselves and the surrounding world.

But can there be such a mysterious being that decides the destiny of man as it likes almighty power? Or is it a fictitious being imagined by the wrong view of unenlightened man?

Of course, not so many people are captive of such a view at present when people have attained a high level both mentally and culturally and when science and technology develop at lightning speed.

But many people still have the questions: Even though there may not be God, who decides the destiny of man?

In a word, the question as to who master of man’s destiny is constitutes the primary and fundamental problem to those who seek the solution to the matter of man’s destiny and this question can be said to underlie the argument about God.

Therefore, it might be natural to start with finding an answer to the questions in order to go to the correct starting point for shaping man’s destiny.


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