Uniform for Students of Revolutionary School


Mangyongdae Revolutionary School in the DPRK is a pedigree establishment for training hard cores of the revolution and a reliable base for carrying forward the revolutionary tradition.

The uniforms of its students are associated with the warm love of President Kim Il Sung and the anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk who made every possible effort to push the children of revolutionary martyrs to the foreground.

One day in August Juche 36 (1947), the President came to examine the designs of school uniforms for the children of revolutionary martyrs Kim Jong Suk personally drew all night to allay his anxiety over their dressing. Seeing the designs, he said that it is very good to embroider red lines on uniform in the meaning that the children of revolutionary martyrs should reliably carry forward the lineage of the revolution. The red line depicting the human figure on sleeves of jacket means that they should be genuine sons and daughters of the people as their parents did, he noted, stressing: The thick red line marked on male's trousers means that only the anti-Japanese revolutionary tradition should be inherited.

Later, Kim Jong Suk visited a garment factory in Pyongyang and settled all problems arising in the production of uniforms to implement the instruction of the President on providing the students of revolutionary school with new uniforms before the opening ceremony of the school (in 0ctober 1947).

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