Home-made Products Popular among DPRK Citizens


Amid a brisk campaign for improving the quality of products, goods produced by the Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory, the Ryugyong Kimchi Factory and the Narae Ceramic Factory are winning popularity among citizens of the DPRK.

"Maebongsan"-trademarked winter shoes have become popular for their smartness, convenience and heat-preserving and antiskid properties.

The whole cabbage kimchi is highly appreciated by consumers as its contents of moisture, ash, protein, carbohydrate and vitamin and acidity fully conformed to the nutritive and hygienic standards.

The "Narae"-trademarked sanitary wares are water- and cost-saving and health-protective ones.

They have been used at newly-built objects in recent years, including the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort.

According to an official concerned, those products won the December 15 Quality Medal as the best domestic products.


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