Okryugum, National Instrument


Okryugum is a national instrument of the DPRK which produces various tone colours.

This instrument can make deep and full, soft and beautiful and high-pitched and sharp sound according to its sound parts. For its rich sound volume, it is able to produce lingering sound. It can also make sounds similar to what kayagum, harp and guitar produce and has great compass.

Okryugum was invented early in the 1970s when a work for improving national instruments in the country was going in real earnest on the initiative of Chairman Kim Jong Il and under his detailed guidance.

Later, its soundboard was improved and modulation device newly introduced to further raise the depictive effectiveness.

Okryugum, which can be used in playing not only the national music but also modern music, has been employed in the performance of Korean-style mixed orchestras.

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