At a breath


One day in October, Juche 100 (2011), General Secretary Kim Jong Un accompanied Chairman Kim Jong Il to February 8 Vinalon Complex. He learned that the depositing reservoir for industrial water was thickly piled with mud.

At that time officials in the South Hamgyong Province planned to dispose the long-piled mud by mobilising hundreds of people from factories and enterprises in the province within October.

However, General Secretary Kim Jong Un decided to speed the project up by mobilising the Korean People’s Army and reported to Chairman Kim Jong Il.

So soldiers took charge of this project and, thanks to their heroic efforts, it was finished in only 6 days.

It was another miracle worked by the unshakeable will of the General Secretary to hasten the rosy future of the country by having the KPA in the lead in the struggle for building a prosperous country.


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