Creators of Pyongyang Speed


A new Pyongyang speed and construction miracles are being created in the construction sites for building 10 000 flats in Pyongyang, which symbolise a new period of a great surge and turn in socialist construction.

The Pyongyang speed which astonished the world was first set by the builders of Pyongyang City during the period of great Chollima upswing after the Fatherland Liberation War.

In Juche 47 (1958), the builders of Pyongyang City pledged to build 20 000 flats, 13 000 more than the original plan of 7 000 flats for that year, and waged a dynamic drive for its realisation.

They carried out the construction at an extraordinary speed and thus built over 20 800 flats with materials, funds and manpower that were originally meant for only 7 000 flats.

In the year 1958 they produced 27 times more prefabricated structural parts than the year before and also worked the miracle of building a flat in just 14 minutes.

During the days of creating the Pyongyang speed, edifices of eternal value such as the Pyongyang Grand Theatre and Okryu Restaurant were splendidly built and many people of meritorious service were produced including a girl plasterer who received the title of labour hero and became a deputy to the Supreme People's Assembly.

The fighting spirit and creative mettle displayed by the preceding generation are a textbook and heritage that our generation must inherit.

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